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Crafting Feminist Futures Through Research and Information about sexual and (Non)Reproductive Care

Viva Futura is...

… a feminist and transnational organization dedicated to revolutionizing the delivery and accessibility of information regarding sexual health and (non) reproductive rights. By connecting scholarly knowledge with feminism and activism, we empower individuals to become agents of change.

Viva Futura Projects

Discover our impact

AbortionData is a feminist and transnational collective focused on promoting data-based narratives on abortion. We use the power of data to (re)shape abortion narratives, enhancing a public health and social justice approach.

La Futura Shop

La Futura Shop is an online destination for statement objects designed to express feminist values. Each piece is a powerful tool to empower and challenge stigmas, sparking conversations about body autonomy, sexual, and (non) reproductive rights and care.

Viva Futura Hub

Viva Futura Hub is a dynamic platform dedicated to empowering individuals in digital activism. It offers global access to tools, and a supportive community focused on building feminist futures. Viva Futura Hub encourages its members to harness the power of digital platforms for positive social change.

Do you want to be a changemaker?

Join Viva Futura Hub! Gender justice is a movement that needs the energy of all of us. Advocate, fundraise, collaborate, and shape feminist futures.

Ways to give

Change begins with you. One person can make a difference. Support AbortionData, shop at La Futura Shop, start a fundraiser on Viva Futura Hub, or encourage others to donate.

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